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It is very normal for that one dear friend that we have to accomplish something that we have always wanted. However, to be a true friend we have to learn how to celebrate with that friend no matter how we feel inside. And trust me, if the person is your true friend, he/she will tone down their celebration so as not to make you feel sad or dejected. I am going to share a current experience that happened today:
In our school, City Of Knowledge Academy, we had our first ever prefect election. A friend and I were going for the post of the first ever head girl of our school. Eventually, after the manifesto and all, I emerged as the winner. However, I do not feel like I won. This is because my friend feels sad about losing. So, what I am going to do and what I will encourage you all to do is make your friend feel like there are other positions to get in life. And in life, you lose some and win some.