School 🏫

In a school setting, it is very hard to manage friendship as there are already set schedules which would affect the time and activities you can do with your friends.

For example,
As a boarder in Nigeria, like me, it is really difficult to plan outing with your friends, like going to the movies, going to the park. Here, all you can do is go to the classes and the dining hall. Clearly, this is not so fun compared to other possible activities you could be doing.

However, what makes your friendship is your ability to make everything fun no matter where you are. As friends there is a high tendency that wherever you are you can laugh and share good memories no matter the time and place.

If you want to make your friendships in school last long, you have to build up time to talk and interact with your friends. Making time to chat and makes friends is what makes you unique and special.


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