Self Discovery

As a person, before you can become friends with any one, we have to learn to discover our true self. Self discovery is something that continues throughout our lifetime.
It is a path we follow to know ourselves. It is quite appalling when people do not know what they are capable of doing. We all have the ability to do something extraordinary no matter our race, religion or even disability. It just takes a few days/ weeks for us to reach deep down as see our strength.
Now, I will use myself as an example:
Growing up,even though I'm still 13, I have always thought i could not do anything special and i was just plain Jane. However, later on I have been able to discover my love for photography and ever since I've been able to explore various forms of photography to my heart's content
 Take a piece of advice from my story, set out on a journey of self discovery and don't stop till you do.
 Nobody is going to help us discover our self, we just have to reach out there to do it.


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