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Friend Groups

These are groups of about 2-6 friends. They are more popular in schools. This is a more delicate form of friendship as we might know. Decisions taken have to be agreed with by all members. Which can lead to numerous problems. Some people can also feel left out. If u do,talk it out with the rest of the group. Always have a day, which you all spend together without any distraction.
 Another major problem, is the addition of new members. Most people may not feel  happy that an outside is being added to their group of friends. Don't feel insecure because change is constant in life


This is a feeling we all have to face at one point in our lives. Whether we like it or not a person would have to disappoint us. Disappointment is when someone doesn't meet our expectations, sometimes we then lose our trust in them.
  The aim of this post is to help us cope with disappointment. We have to learn that not everyone is capable of some things and we cannot keep our hopes up for them.  Everyone makes mistakes and we have to give them a second chance.

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