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This is just taking your friendship to another level. I mean where you guys av extra feelings. It happens all the time, the only problem is friend zone.
 In a relationship many ingredients are needed such as trust, affection, care and others.A good relationship is more than something we want, it's something we need to be our happiest, healthiest, most productive selves. They take an investment in time and energy as well as social skills that can be learned.
 Through hard work and commitment i believe you can make any relationship work. Although, i learnt today that everything has their appointed time so does relationships. Do not jump into the ship so as not to jump out. Comment and feel free to ask for advice and help.


Betrayal This is an important part of friendship. I av been betrayed by a friend recently.My secret got out, no matter what you av to learn how to forgive that friend. Do not think that you av to renounce your friendship with that person.Betrayal can cause by many little things e'g
1. Lying to your friend making them want to get you back by spilling your secret
2. Making them feel jealous.
3. Not spending enough time with them.
Many other reasons, if you av been betrayed try to think of a good reason why your friend would do that and try and sort out the problem together.
Also, you can also betray someone. If you find out apologize immediately. XOXO. Your blogger. Zai.