Conflict in friendships is a source of stress.              Disagreement between friends are inevitable. You just have to argue about something; dresses, other friends, even boys. It is just part of our everyday life.How you manage disagreements with your friends influences the quality of the friendship. Understanding the components of a good friendship and developing skills for maintenance of and conflict resolution in a friendship can help you avoid frequent arguments and resolve conflicts when they do occur.

Reasons for Conflict

There are many reasons that conflict may arise between you and your friend. Common examples are jealousy, poor communication skills, lack of consideration and/or respect, different principles or outlooks on life and one friend contributing more to the relationship than the other. Arguments or conflict may result from experiencing a bad day or other issues that have nothing to do with the actual friendship. In adolescence, fluctuating emotions and hormones can lead to angry exchanges.

Tips for Avoidance

Conflict will arise from time to time in any friendship, but you may be able to limit its frequency by following some suggestions. 

  1. Do not nag. Not everyone one likes a friend who bothers them about something.
  2. You don't always have to be right. Sometimes you gotta admit you're wrong.
  3. Always keep a smile on your face.


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